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Touch Screen Remote Control, Voice Voice Remote Control, Button Infrared Remote Control Can Be Replaced.

Mar 07, 2017

Now on the market come out of the touch screen remote control and voice remote control, then the two remote control can be based on the market, or give users a good experience? I give you a simple analysis, a friend feeling: Now the development of science and technology so fast, no one can say that TV touch screen. Another friend said: You silly ah! There is no remote control, have to go past with a finger poke? Of course, this is just a joke, but from a professional point of view, touch screen remote control gives a sense of high, but the touch screen sensor switch, sometimes turn on their own lights, there will be external wireless signal interference (for example Is the interference of mobile phone signals, lightning interference, etc.) will lead to the phenomenon of light, due to high sensitivity sensor, the external interference signal is very sensitive! 2. Cost and price is high, the relative cost is not high. 3. Durability, touch screen remote control production, remote control shell material is not strong, the screen is also easy to break. If there is a child at home, it is estimated that three days to worry about the two. And relatively speaking, power consumption is relatively large, if there is an integrated battery, but also need to always charge. 4. touch, in the wet weather, this situation is particularly serious, hand remote control, palm close to the remote control 7 cm rectifier transformer or body close to 15 cm can cause touch screen malfunction. Another drawback of the touch screen is the use of gloved hands or hand-held non-conductive objects when the touch does not respond, this is because the increase of more insulating media.