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Remote Control Daily Use And Maintenance

Mar 07, 2017

1. When using the remote control, the distance between the remote control and the remote control receiver should not exceed 10 meters. When using the remote control, the remote control should be aimed at the receiving direction of the electrical appliance, and the deviation angle can not exceed 25 degrees.

2. There is no obstacle between the remote control and the receiver, such as people, objects, etc., so as not to block the normal transmission of infrared, so that the remote control failure.

3. Use remote control should avoid strong light, including the sun, the amount of light exposure, or will affect the use of remote control effect.

4. remote control can be charged in a temporary state of the charged device, but some of the internal circuit is still working, can not completely close the electrical appliances, so no electricity should be turned off when the electrical power or pull out the power plug, can not use the remote control off the electrical Even if finished.

5. Long time without remote control, the box should be removed inside the battery to avoid leakage of electrolyte inside the battery box components, remote control surface if dust, oil can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in soap and water. The remote control's launch window and the receiving window on the appliance should be kept clean to avoid affecting normal use