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Multi-function Switch Normal Operation Long Service Life

Jul 17, 2017

Power supply system using switching power supply technology and digital control program, can be used as AC voltage source, DC voltage source, AC current source and DC current source, as the voltage source output adjustment range of 1 ~ 250V, as the current source adjustment range of 1 ~ 30A, The operating frequency is 0 ~ 400Hz, the output can be selected. Multi-function switch a lot of principles and types,multi-function switch  the installation method is different, only installed according to the instructions of the product. The multi-function automatic change-over switch is composed of digital control circuit 1, high-light low-light transformation and control circuit 2, electronic switch 3, high-light overload protection circuit 4, high-light overload indication circuit 5, power supply display circuit 6, A protection circuit 7, an emergency near-light overload protection circuit 8, a high-light current detection circuit 9, a near-light current detection circuit 10, an emergency near-current detection circuit 11, an electronic switch lock circuit 12, and a normally open key AW1. When used with the vehicle with a long filament, near the light filament and emergency light filament double wire bulb phase. It is characterized by no mechanical wear, long life, with overload protection and display function.

Multi-function switch overload (or over-current, phase failure) protection relay, starter, isolator and other major functions, with long-range automatic control and local direct human control function, with panel instructions and mechanical and electrical signal alarm function, Undervoltage protection function, with phase failure phase protection function, with coordination of the time - current protection characteristics (with inverse time, definite time and instantaneous three protection characteristics). According to the need to match the functional modules or accessories, you can achieve the various types of motor load, power distribution control and protection.

Some basic contents of the multifunction switch:

◇ short-circuit transient protection: protection current and electronic release rated current, the setting current of 16In ± 15%, the action time t3 ≤ 0.1ms.

Short-circuit short-time or definite time protection: protection current and electronic release rated current, the setting of the current panel adjustable (6 ~ 12Ir1) ±.

In addition to the conventional thermal protection current can be adjusted according to the load power, the overcurrent protection set current can also be adjusted on the panel (distribution load adjustment range of 3 ~ 6Ie, the motor load adjustment range of 6 ~ 12Ie) The

Multi - function touch switch product testing standards

1, the service life

The normal operation of the multi-function switch to the toggle switch with the life of the national standard for 40,000 times, the normal operation of the headphone jack life of 10,000 travel, plug plug out of the headphone jack 5 thousand times.

2, the electrical strength: switch poles off when the rated voltage of 130V or more electrical accessories should be applied to the frequency of 50HZ2000V sine frequency of 1 minute shall not appear flicker breakdown phenomenon. Socket parts specified by the rated voltage 130V or more electrical accessories should be applied to the sine wave frequency of 50HZ2000V voltage for 1 minute shall not appear flashover breakdown phenomenon. Socket pull out force

Material of the material should be light with a light switch is flame retardant plastic, lit after 30 seconds should be self-extinguishing.

3, insulation resistance and electrical strength

Insulation resistance: When the switch is off, the insulation resistance is ≥2MΩ, the insulation resistance between the live parts and the switch is ≥5MΩ, the insulation resistance between the two poles of the socket is ≥5MΩ, and the insulation resistance between the live plug and the socket is ≥5MΩ.

Multi-function switch products Other perceptual quality standards:

Switch feel should be light, soft and no sense of tightness, sound crisp.

Switch in the opening and closing once in place, should not appear in the middle of the phenomenon.

Socket protection door should take the initiative to touch the switch, no jamming phenomenon, the plug can be automatically removed after the closure of the plug, easy to touch the inside of the live parts.