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Light Remote Control Anytime, Anywhere Can Be Remote Control

Jun 02, 2017

All know the use of TV universal control, search the model by brand through the law, and at the same time by setting + power, volume plus or minus key. Wait for the TV to set the volume icon and press Setup to complete. Provided that the TV is in the open mode.

The Light Remote Controlis a device for Light Remote Controlof the machine. Modern remote control, mainly by the integrated circuit board and used to generate different messages composed of buttons. The passenger door Light Remote Controlis the latest technology to decode the code to flash the way to control the door pump solenoid valve to achieve the purpose of switching automatic doors. For the bus (bus, CMB) Light Remote Controlopen, off the door, to avoid the driver every time you need to open the door to the trouble. The main components of the transmitter part of the Light Remote Controlare infrared light emitting diodes. It is actually a special light-emitting diode, because its internal material is different from the ordinary light-emitting diodes, so at both ends of the application of a certain voltage, it is issued by the infrared rather than visible light.

Light Remote Controlis a wireless transmitter device, through the modern digital coding technology, the key information encoding, through the infrared diode to emit light, light through the receiver's infrared receiver will receive the infrared signal into electrical signals into the processor Decoding, demodulation of the corresponding instructions to control the set-top boxes and other equipment to complete the required operational requirements.

1. The Light Remote Controlcan not increase the function on the air conditioner. There is no air function on the air conditioner, and the remote control's wind direction key is invalid. The following are the same as the "

2. Light Remote Controlfor the low consumption of products, under normal circumstances, the battery life of 6 months, the use of improper battery life shortened, replace the battery to two with a change, not old and new batteries or different models of batteries mixed.

3. To ensure that the air conditioner receiver is normal, the Light Remote Controlis valid. The following are the same as the "

4. When the battery leaks, the battery compartment must be cleaned and replaced with a new one. For the leak-proof, long-term use, the battery out.

In the Light Remote Controltransmitter circuit, there are two circuits, namely the encoder and 38kHz carrier signal generator. In applications where no multiple control is required, conventional infrared circuits can be used to form a few infrared Light Remote Controltransmit and receive circuits that do not require the use of more complex dedicated codecs.

1. Frequency-division coded Light Remote Controltransmitter

In the infrared transmitter using a dedicated (color TV, VCD, DVD, etc.) infrared coding protocol for the encoder, the general electronic technical staff or amateurs, it is difficult to achieve, but the few few Light Remote Controlcircuit , You can use the frequency division method of making the encoder, and all the way to the Light Remote Controlcircuit, you can not use the encoder, direct launch 38kHz infrared signal, you can achieve the purpose of control.