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IR Switch Safe, Reliable, Accurate Launch And Reception

Oct 13, 2017

Light is an electromagnetic ray whose characteristics, like radio waves and X-rays, transmit at about 300,000-kilometer/sec, so it can be received at the moment of launch. Infrared IR Switch is the use of human eyes invisible (wavelength of 780nm-1mm) near infrared and infrared to detect and discriminate objects. A faint beam of light emitted instantaneously by a photoelectric device can be safely and reliably transmitted and received accurately.

The important role of IR Switch is to be able to deal with the intensity change of light: using optical elements to change the beam in the medium of communication, using the beam to reflect the object; IR Switch is composed of transmitter, receiver and detection circuit. The transmitter is aimed at the target beam, and the beam emitted is generally derived from a light-emitting diode (LED) and a laser diode. The beam is emitted uninterrupted, or the pulse width is changed. The intensity of the beam radiated by the pulse modulated in the emitter is selected by many times and is not operated indirectly. The receiver is composed of photodiode or photoelectric transistor. In front of the receiver, an optical element such as a lens and aperture is arranged. Behind it is a detection circuit that filters out valid signals and applies the signal.

1, ultra-low power design, can be connected in the lighting circuit, single polarity control energy-saving lamps (fluorescent lamps). Special models can be used to achieve strong cut emergency control products.

2, the control of the illuminance can be adjusted: as shown in the right picture, such as counterclockwise adjustment, can make the switch in a more light environment to start under the illumination, such as clockwise adjustment, can make the switch in the light of a weaker environment to start, that is, the day before the start of the black.

3, delay time can be adjusted: as shown in the right-hand picture, the adjustment range of about 20 seconds-6 minutes. such as counterclockwise adjustment, the delay time is shorter; [Performance Index]: Working voltage: 160~250v (AC) static power current: 0.3mA Ambient operating temperature: -20℃~50℃ Automatic Delay Time: 20 sec $number minutes Control load power: 5~200w inductive distance: 6 m induction angle: 140 degree taper angle load range incandescent lamp/CFL Exhaust fan Control illuminance: 5lux-500lux (adjustable) appearance size: 86x86x25mm

Installation must not be electrified wiring, strictly prohibited load short-circuit, control fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamp products, the first time to add electricity, may require 30-60 seconds of internal voltage establishment time, the switch can work normally.

As a result of fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp starting current is larger, recommend a switch to control 2 of the following load, control load too much, should consult the manufacturer. In addition, frequent light extinction may affect the service life of energy-saving lamps, is a normal phenomenon.

Do not install the product in a hot air flow through the position, if the control load for the heating source, switching distance light source should be greater than 1 meters.

The control LED lamp has the special request to the product, must affirm when the purchase.

No zero-line no emergency control of the 2-line products do not have to consider the wiring polarity, there is emergency control or 0 line products must be connected to the diagram (No emergency control products EM end wiring). See wiring diagram.

Adjust the light control illuminance, delay time knob, must be moderate to prevent excessive force caused product damage.