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IR Switch Fan Motor Only The Body In The Induction Range

Jul 06, 2017

The working principle of IR Switch  Fan Motor

IR Switch  Fan Motor is based on passive infrared sensor technology, automatic control switch, the main sensor for the human body pyroelectric infrared sensor. The human body temperature is generally 37 degrees, will send the wavelength of about 10 microns of infrared, and the temperature around the human body is generally lower than 37 degrees, to be greater than the human infrared radiation wavelength, pyroelectric infrared sensor is the detection area of infrared radiation changes to work。

The pyroelectric infrared sensor contains two thermally shunts in series or in parallel. The pyroelectric element has a wavelength range of zero. 2 ~ 20 μ m of infrared radiation is very sensitive, in the structure of the two elements in the opposite direction to suppress the increase in temperature due to their own interference. Thus, the uniform environment of the infrared radiation on the role of the two different pyroelectric elements, the release effect is canceled, the sensor no signal output; the same body in the induction range still, the release effect is fixed after the value, the sensor also No signal output; only the human body in the sensing range of movement, the two elements by the infrared radiation is different and constantly changing, the sensor output sensor signal, through the circuit amplification processing, to achieve control purposes.

The pyroelectric infrared sensor has a very close detection distance and a poor directivity. The Fresnel lens produces an alternating "visible area" and "dead zone" in front of the probe so that the sensor changes when the human body moves forward Violent infrared radiation, can significantly increase the detection range, you can also specify the scope of detection and monitoring field of view. Infrared sensor based on pyroelectric infrared sensor technology, itself does not send any type of radiation, power consumption is very small, during the day under the light control, the switch is off; at night when someone into the induction range, the sensor detects the human body Infrared spectrum of the mobile changes, the switch automatically connected lights, if people do not leave, the switch will always open, people leave, the switch delay for a period of time automatically turn off the lights off. Generally have 86 panels and top-mounted form of installation, is the ideal choice for modern buildings, home.

IR Switch  Fan Motor shortcomings: vulnerable to a variety of heat sources, light sources, radio frequency radiation, hot air interference; passive infrared penetration is poor, the body's infrared radiation is easy to be blocked; ambient temperature and human temperature close to the detection and sensitivity decreased significantly , Sometimes resulting in short-term failure.

IR Switch  Fan Motor works - a person hurry - a person hurry on the IR Switch  Fan Motor need to know how:

1, the choice of IR Switch  Fan Motor:

If it is corridor lighting control, according to the actual situation selection of sound and light control delay switch or IR Switch  Fan Motor, if you choose to select the IR Switch  Fan Motor, pay attention to the following questions;

1) the choice of wall concealed or top form, in the case of possible, it is recommended that the top form of installation, detection range, product reliability. The control power is easy to achieve high power, and the wall switch position because most of the building is no zero line, the switch performance is limited, the work reliability is reduced.

2) control incandescent bulb or energy saving lamp fluorescent lamp, or led lights. This is very important, the general top of the induction switch can control any load, 86 panel sensor switch because there is no zero line, the general model can control the incandescent lamp, a special model can control the energy saving lamp / fluorescent lamp, but can not control the LED light Shutdown). The sensor switch for controlling the LED must have zero line.

3) control the number of load and power size, because the start-up current of energy-saving lamps is relatively large, the general number of load is not suitable for more than two, incandescent load generally not more than three. Or in consultation with the manufacturers to take additional measures.

4) There is no fire emergency control side, especially the panel type of emergency control is not strong cut control, that is, emergency fire line power, the normal lighting line is powered off.