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Fan Motor Maintain Good Operation

Jul 06, 2017

1. Fan motor with a larger capacity than the provisions of the motor will increase the working current, it is easy due to overheating the motor. If the capacity does not exceed the original capacity of 15% or can be used.

2. Fan capacitor for a small change: 2.5UF now changed to 1.2UF, you can use, which is only the error of the torque smaller, lower speed. The replacement of small capacitors can also start the fan, that is, people often say that the small horses carts, the impact of the life of the capacitor, the impact of the motor is 30 seconds to start up the fan because you have replaced a small capacitor may need 1 Minutes to start up, you can imagine the motor will be hot. Life will be shortened. Capacitance is used to start the motor, the speed of the speed is driven by the governor of the current size. I am talking about the heat because you replace the small capacitor caused by the fan motor starting time to produce the heat. Has long been affected by the motor. I suggest you do not change too small is the reason.

Because the fan is mostly single-phase, and the direct use of single-phase power can not produce a sufficient start magnetic field, can not maintain good operation

So this motor generally have two windings, is the main winding and auxiliary winding, the main winding directly into the circuit, auxiliary winding through the capacitor after the string into the circuit. So that the auxiliary winding has an angle difference and the capacitor is the role of phase shift, so that the phase of a deviation, which is equivalent to get 2-phase power, and the phase is different, you can start the rotor, and then the main winding to maintain the magnetic field Let the He runs, the auxiliary winding continues to push, so that it does not stop because of external forces. To ensure the operation of the good

The size of the start capacitor is only the size of the starting speed of the fan can be changed. Do not believe you can search the role of the capacitor. Once the fan is activated, that is, the capacitor once the discharge is completed only after the capacitor to cut off the role of DC. Will not be involved in the operation of the fan. Because the capacitor only charge and discharge function.

If you want to judge the fan capacitor failure, you can teach you a simple way. Open the fan switch If the fan does not turn, the clockwise rotation of the fan if you can successfully start, then prove that the starting capacitor has been breakdown.

The main reasons for the motor does not turn: winding circuit, lack of oil axis, capacitance and so on. From the maintenance of the practice of the fan point of view, the latter two kinds of failures. For the fan does not turn, my maintenance step is to measure the plug, turn the motor, the amount of capacitance, and then deal with. The first step, measuring the fan running and speeding the winding. First turn the fan timer, when you hear a click, the timer is normal. If there is no click, it indicates that the timer is damaged. If there is no resistance value, it may be that the motor windings are burned open. On the string with a thermal fuse motor, the fuse may be open, you should also open the motor to see if the only open, short-term heat fuse can return to normal. Gear switch all damaged, but the possibility is not. The second step, check whether the axle, open the fan guard, hand rotating the motor shaft, if the turn does not move, indicating that the motor axle serious. Remove the motor, first remove the front and rear axle and the motor shaft on the oil, rust, and then in the front and rear bushings on the linoleum plus enough sewing machine oil, most of the fans can be troubleshooting. The third step, measuring the starting capacitor, if the motor shaft rotation is flexible, it is necessary to measure the motor fan start capacitor. First, with a multimeter R × 100Ω file, measuring the motor start capacitor at both ends of the entire fan motor running, starting and speed winding winding resistance, that is, black and ** lead resistance. The maintenance of the Fan motor on the motor active fan, I was based on the actual situation, one step in place. Rather than as described above, step by step to carry out maintenance. If the user says the fan first turns slowly and then gradually becomes faster. According to experience, the motor is generally slightly axle. The reason is the initial lack of fan lubricants. Directly open the fan motor, in front and rear bushings on the linoleum plus enough sewing machine oil, the general can be repaired. Remote control fan, power to turn off the fault of the current remote control fan control components are basically SCR. From the principle we can see that the thyristor is essentially equivalent to the switch thyristor breakdown equivalent to the switch on. Turn on the power fan, of course, turn. Such as a remote control of the use of remote control when the basic function of the remote control, but the fan is not removed after the power off the hands of the Fan motor has a clear sense of shock, and the fan buzzing, especially at night to see the fan fan Also slowly turning. Because the control function of the basic normal instructions, MCU normal, from the above principle that the SCR is faulty.