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Fan Motor For Maintenance

Jun 15, 2017

Fan motor are functional devices that have many components. Fan fan is one of the most important components of the fan, it plays a vital role in the work of the fan, change the flow of air on the fan leaves, and this series of small series for everyone to introduce fan Of the daily protection for the use of the efficiency of the fan to enhance the great help.

      The operating environment of the fan is also a great influence on the efficiency of the fan. In the case of poor environment, the Fan motor of the fan are easy to stick to a lot of dust after a long period of work, which will cause the fan blades to rotate at work Unbalanced, it is easy to cause the fan vibration, increase the noise generated. Serious situation, the fan fan leaves in the case of high-speed rotation, can not afford the weight of the fan leaves, making the Fan motor fan break, causing damage to the fan.

      Finally, friendship is to remind you that we usually use the fan, we must regularly on the fan maintenance, especially the protection of the fan. Regularly clean the fan blades on the dust, the efficiency of the use of the fan is a great help. After we maintain the fan, in order to make the fan to maintain a stable and efficient work, play the role of the maximum fan, but also for us to save more cost.

Fan air flow on behalf of the fan in the completion of the ventilation and cooling capacity of the size of the impact of fan air flow there are many factors, if we want a good control of the fan air volume, then we must be on these factors can affect the air volume Do a comprehensive understanding. Work in the fan, the fan speed and air volume is inseparable, but also affect the air volume of one of the more important factors, then what is the relationship between them? Xiaobian this period for everyone to explain the wind turbine and the speed of the relationship between the speed.

      Fan work is through the fan fan rotation, forced to a certain volume of air transported out, different types of different models of the fan air volume are not the same, and the relationship between the speed is different. We can do an experiment, with two fan with the same, adjust the speed of the two Fan motor, a high and one low, in the exhaust off a pressure gauge, and then under the same conditions in the environment, while running to see that kind of Air volume will be greater. In fact, the results are obvious, the higher the speed, the ability to force the air to force the stronger, the greater the fan air volume. Although it is not objective to say that the fan speed is the main factor affecting the air volume of the fan, but certainly between them must have a necessary link.