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Fan Light Remote Control Use Safe And Convenient

Oct 27, 2017

1, hanger screws have no fixed hanger with the fan running a slight movement, hand to pull, it means that the hanger screws are not fixed tight. This part of the screw is not fixed will lead to the entire fan imbalance, the fan as a whole is easy to shake.

2, lobes and boom connected to the screw by hand to catch the fan boom rotation, will feel loose. Where the screws are not fixed, then the entire boom instability, slightly swing,Fan Light Remote Control  fan high-speed rotation, it will shake.

3, the boom and the host connection part of the screw This part of the screw is not locked, ceiling fan starts, the entire fan will obviously swing.

4, leaves and leaves, the blade and the host connected to the screw fan does not shake, the most important is the balance, leaves and leaves the blade screw is not locked, there is shaking,Fan Light Remote Control  it will make the whole fan can not balance, naturally shaking.

5, the lamp and the host connection lamp screws are not fixed, hand rotation lamps, lamps will rotate along the bottom cover. Here is particularly important to note that the installation of lamps and switch cover, in the five lamps on the tube are attached to a hexagonal nut, the nut is used to reinforce the switch cover, we put the switch cover on the tube, if Do not have a nut fixed, the switch cover will be very loose, so that after the installation of lamps, it is not very stable, you can shake back and forth, if the nut after reinforcement to avoid this problem.

6, lampshade hand twist the lampshade, there is loose,Fan Light Remote Control  the screw did not lock. Fans use a period of time, the various parts of the screws will become loose due to inertia, do not lock the teeth of the teeth will become loose, the fan will appear to a certain degree of shaking, this time need to re-tighten all the screws, you can improve the shaking situation.

7, leaves leaf fork leaves leaf fork deformation or leaf weight inconsistent, will cause the fan to shake seriously, with a vertical ruler vertical ceiling, if the ceiling to the end of each leaf is not the same, that is, the blade deformation, and must be changed leaves can The. With the weight of the fan leaves,Fan Light Remote Control  the weight difference between the leaves is too large, you need to use the balance block to adjust (the specific use of the balance block, which is specified in the product manual).

8, the cover motor cover, motor shell or rotor deformation, will lead to the fan is very shaking, the motor cover slightly deformed, the customer can handle their own; motor cover deformation serious, the motor shell or rotor deformation need to return to the factory replacement can

9, if the above conditions are assembled, still shaking, to remove other accessories, only to hang the host, idling motor, also shaking, then basically determine the motor problem.

Fan lights do not shine

1. Check if the lamp is tight.

2. Replace the lamp to test if the lamp burns out.

3. Check the LED light source contact line is not plugged in

4. From the new drive to try to open whether there are other transformations

3. Check the lamp shrapnel is not in contact with a flat-blade screwdriver (in this operation should be confirmed before the power is off).

4. Have the remote control fan lamp, remove the above problems, should remove the receiver (in this operation should be confirmed before the power is off), the brown line connected to the power line, blue line then the power supply zero line, and then turn on the power Test, if the fan and the lamp is normal, then the receiver failure, for a group of good receiver can be.

5. If there is no fan of the remote control group or the fan after removing the receiver, or if the fan is not lit, after checking the above 123 points,Fan Light Remote Control  check whether the 9P terminal or male parent is in bad contact and if it is loose, can.

Light fan does not turn

(Should be confirmed before the test power is off)

1. Check the motor wiring is correct, if the wall control (light fan sub-control), should check the light switch is connected correctly.

2. Check whether the 9P terminal in the switch box is loose or not in place. If yes, it can be classified.

3. With the remote control panel ceiling fan lights, remove the receiver, the motor brown line and the power line FireWire, blue line and power supply line connected, and then turn on the power, if normal, then the receiver failure, Group a good receiver can be.