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Fan Light Remote Control To Meet The Intelligent And Humanized Household Appliances In People's Life

Oct 13, 2017

At present, with the rapid development of electronic science and technology, the intelligent level of household appliances is also getting higher,Fan Light Remote Control in order to meet the intelligent and humanized demand of household appliances, the application of speech recognition technology in household appliances will be unavoidable. Speech recognition technology is also very important to realize human-computer interaction,Fan Light Remote Control if a good solution to the speech recognition technology, and the application of this technology in real life, this will give people a big change in their lives, but also improve people's life steps, promote the development of society. At present, the accuracy of recognition of small and medium vocabulary speech recognition system has reached more than 98%, the recognition of specific people is higher, but there are some problems in the cost,Fan Light Remote Control so the study of speech recognition control fan system.

Sound mode-number conversion channel. And the $literal is internally placed with a microphone amplification circuit and an automatic gain control section. The Automatic Gain Control section automatically adjusts the volume of the microphone received so that the system is not restricted by the location of the person sending the command. $literal internal microphone preamplifier amplifier circuit mainly by the input level,Fan Light Remote Control intermediate level, output level three parts, the input stage is the differential amplifier circuit, which is the main part of the microphone preamplifier, the differential amplification circuit as the input level has a great advantage, can effectively inhibit input input of the common mode interference, No interference will be generated for the valid differential signal input.

We have entered the revolutionary era of electronic products that require high performance and miniaturization of circuits. The improvement of electronic system performance and the reduction of size have led to the increase of power consumption and heat dissipation. As a result,Fan Light Remote Control there are frequent thermal management problems with different solutions from PCs to high-end servers. System cooling/Thermal management has become a key task for all high-performance electronic systems. Thermal management is usually implemented by means of forced convection. The forced convection method enhances the heat dissipation by transferring the air inside and around the heat source. The use of brushless DC (BLDC) fans can easily achieve this purpose. The speed of such a fan depends on its RMS voltage.

However, when the fan is running below the required speed, it will cause insufficient cooling, causing the component to overheat. Overheating can cause component failure. In order to solve this problem,Fan Light Remote Control the fan speed must be controlled according to environmental conditions (i.e. temperature).

Fan speed can be controlled in the following ways:

Direct PWM can achieve pulse width modulation (PWM) by increasing or decreasing the pulse width used to control the rotational speed (i.e., changing the duty ratio).

Linear regulator can control the DC voltage of the fan and then control the fan speed.

This mode is similar to linear regulation, and the difference is that the switching regulator is used instead of the linear regulator.