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Fan Light Remote Control Environmental Protection And Energy Saving

May 19, 2017

One,Fan Light Remote Control what is the decorative ceiling fan, ceiling fan lights

Fan Light Remote Control Decorative ceiling fan is commonly known as ceiling fan lamp, it is the perfect combination of lights and ceiling fans, both decorative lights, but also with the practicality of the fan, classical and modern perfect embodiment,Fan Light Remote Control   it is the first choice for interior decoration. Some decorative ceiling fans are also without lights, just because of its shape and color have a better decorative effect.

Now the room is more and more beautiful ordinary ceiling fan (three white leaves of the ceiling fan) can not meet the aesthetic requirements of decoration, such fans came into being, such fans in the United States and Europe and other countries have been running for decades, Popular in the country but are mostly antique with the main lights, but also mainly because the price can be accepted by all the benefits.

Second, decorative ceiling fan lights have those advantages

1, decorative

Fan Light Remote Control More than 20 years ago, Taiwan began to crazy production ceiling fan has thousands of styles have been sold in the market, from the color of a single to the colorful, the style of ordinary cas type, Victorian style, unique Italian style,Fan Light Remote Control European classical style, to luxury , The magnificent ancient Roman style, the mysterious ancient Greek style, modern simple and generous style, etc., the designers in the ceiling fans will show the artistic style of the most vivid,Fan Light Remote Control in the export of many style ceiling fan seems to show China Ancient culture style is very small, hope one day to see a lot of our Chinese art style ceiling fan, huh, huh believe that people will like. Want to enjoy a variety of beautiful ceiling fans can find small series yo!

2, practicality

A: energy saving With the global warming and environmental protection and energy saving trend, air conditioning, this high power consumption of household appliances more and more restricted use, an air conditioner equivalent to 20 ceiling fan power consumption,Fan Light Remote Control the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees The fan is fully able to achieve the effect of cooling the heat, and in all the fans (Taiwan fans, vertical fans, ceiling fans, etc.) only ceiling fans in the same amount of electricity produced by the largest amount of wind (wind is the wind speed and area of the product is equivalent to water Of the same flow),Fan Light Remote Control so the United States are recommended to use ceiling fans this energy-saving appliances. And found that the use of ceiling fans with air conditioning can reduce the use of air conditioning load, but also make the room does not produce a temperature difference is not easy to make a cold, comfort is quite good. The following are the same as the "

Fan Light Remote Control Most of the decorative ceiling fans made of high-quality silicon steel, the resulting electromagnetic effect is better, and low-speed is the use of capacitor speed than the capacitor is not more energy-saving, a number of energy-saving technology makes this type Ceiling fans have excellent energy efficiency.

B: winter and summer are available decorative ceiling fan also has a positive and negative switch. In the air-conditioned room can help air conditioners, increase the cold air flow, both to reduce electricity consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, but also to prevent air conditioning syndrome, air conditioning Winter, set to reverse, the fan fan reversal,Fan Light Remote Control can be indoor up the heat down the pressure, the indoor people do not feel the wind, but increased the air circulation, in the heater room, more can increase the warm Air convection rate, so that the indoor heat even warm as spring.

C: quiet, safe Most of the decorative ceiling fans made of high-quality silicon steel made of the motor so the noise generated by the motor than the ordinary ceiling fan much more quiet, and also use wooden leaves so it is more secure. The following are the same as the "

D: the other can be equipped with remote control, and some remote control sleep function is very suitable for use at night.

3, what function is how to use?

A: how to control? Fan and lamp are separately controlled, each have a zipper, the middle of the zipper is the control light, next to the zipper is the fan fan stalls, the fan has three files of its switching order is: off "high speed" speed "low speed,Fan Light Remote Control so the cycle The Zipper is long enough to hang the chain with zippers are 50CM long, so do not worry.

B: how to use positive and negative switch? There is a push-type switch on the lampholder, the handle is pushed to the bottom of the fan is forward to the wind blowing down the summer use, pushed to the above is the reverse wind blowing up the weather for the cool room when the air stuffy. Forward and reverse are high, medium and low three files. The following are the same as the "

C: installed remote control and wall control is the same, you can separate the fan and lamp control, remote control and timing function, installed after the best pull the rope pulled high-speed gear and then use the remote control speed, this will be better.

2 control mode

Fan Light Remote Control Ceiling lights are generally divided into three control methods: rope control, wall control, remote control

Hand rope control: through the ceiling fan above the rope switch direct control, the advantage is the fan stalls and lamp stalls can be adjusted; the disadvantage is that each time the need to drive the front of the fan. Suitable for use in the restaurant to install the fan.

Wall control: the advantage is affordable and stable, you can open the door when the ceiling fan or light. The disadvantage is that it can not be used with the rope at the same time, so every switch to go to the wall control switch. Wall control can only control the light on and off,Fan Light Remote Control can not be multi-section adjustment. Note: with light ceiling fan installation wall control must take three lines that is two fire a zero, no light a set of lines can be installed. Suitable for use in public areas.

Remote control: the advantages of a range of 10 meters within 360 degrees wide range of free control of fans and lamps, there are timing off function. The disadvantage is that remote control and rope can not be used at the same time, remote control lights switch can only open one off, not multi-file adjustment,Fan Light Remote Control remote control prices are more expensive, stability, such as wall control and rope. Suitable for living room, bedroom use.

3 Select

Fan Light Remote Control The size of the ceiling fan is usually divided into 42 inches, diameter 106CM; 48 inches, diameter 1220CM; 52 inches, 1.3 meters in diameter; 56 inches, 1.4 meters in diameter; 60 inches, 1.5 meters in diameter. Here refers to the diameter of the fan is turned up to form the diameter of the circle, the specific value for this diameter is relatively difficult to count,Fan Light Remote Control so for their own ceiling fan lamp if you want to know the size, about the amount of diameter, in a range of less than 5CM is within the range size. Such as their own ceiling fan is 136CM, then this ceiling fan can be identified as 56-inch. Ceiling fan lamp diameter is a relatively general definition, this error does not need to be too care about.