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DC Fan Control Energy-saving Effect And Machine Performance Has Improved Significantly

Jun 15, 2017

To know what is the full DC inverter technology,DC Fan Control you must first understand the frequency of the development process.

The upgrading of inverter technology has experienced a total of AC frequency conversion, DC inverter and full DC inverter three stages.

DC Fan Control The first generation of AC variable frequency technology, which is through the inverter to change the power frequency, thus changing the compressor speed of a technology. Through the inverter first AC to DC conversion, and then through the inverter DC to AC conversion, thus controlling the speed of AC motor. The control of the inverter through the sensor will be indoor temperature information transmitted to the microcomputer, the output of a certain frequency changes in the waveform, control the frequency of the inverter. When the indoor rapid cooling or rapid warming, the indoor air conditioning load increases, the compressor speed, the cooling capacity in proportion to increase, on the contrary, when the indoor air conditioning load is reduced, the compressor normal operation or slow down.

AC variable frequency compressor is essentially a three-phase AC asynchronous motor, by rotating the magnetic field between the rotor and the rotor. But its special design makes it possible to change the speed of the motor by changing the frequency and voltage of the power supply in a wide range,DC Fan Control so it is called AC frequency conversion.

Relative to the fixed frequency air conditioning, AC inverter air conditioner is relatively high efficiency, low noise, control sensitive. In developed countries, the exchange of inverter air conditioner in about 1986 into the market; and in China, AC inverter air conditioner is basically around 2000 to enter the market.

The second generation of DC inverter technology, its working principle is 50Hz frequency AC power supply is converted to DC power supply, and sent to the power module main circuit, DC Fan Control power module is also controlled by the microcomputer, the difference is the module output voltage is variable Of the DC power supply, the compressor is using a DC motor, so the DC inverter air conditioner should be called DC variable speed air conditioner. DC inverter air conditioner because there is no inverter link, in this regard than the AC frequency conversion more power.

Compared with the AC variable frequency compressor, because the DC inverter compressor does not exist stator rotation magnetic field on the electromagnetic induction of the rotor to overcome the AC inverter compressor electromagnetic noise and rotor loss, so the DC inverter compressor energy efficiency and machine performance was significant Improve the efficiency of 10% -30% higher than the AC inverter compressor, low noise 5 dB -10 dB. However, because of its fan motor or the use of AC motor, so the whole energy-saving level there is a greater room for improvement.

In developed countries, DC inverter air conditioner in 1996 has dominated the air conditioning market; in China, basically in 2008 before the DC inverter technology will be established as the basic configuration of inverter air conditioner.

The third generation of all-DC inverter technology,DC Fan Control refers to the three major air-conditioning motor (inverter compressor motor, indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor) are using a powerful DC motor, and with the inherent advantages of DC motor, and matching Advanced control system, full DC inverter air conditioner whether the level of energy efficiency or machine performance have reached almost perfect state.

1 hardware configuration higher. Compared with the DC inverter air conditioner is only used in the DC motor, indoor and outdoor fan motor are used AC motor, all DC inverter air conditioner compressor, indoor and outdoor fan motor all use DC motor, and the use of all DC control module;

2 energy-saving effect improved significantly. DC inverter air conditioner AC motor rotor is to use the coil, to power to produce a magnetic field, power loss has been there, and all DC inverter air conditioner DC motor due to the use of permanent magnet material rotor, basically no rotor loss,DC Fan Control energy saving effect is very obvious.

3 operating noise significantly reduced. DC inverter air conditioner AC motor is driven by the current to generate the magnetic field, air conditioning operation mute effect is poor, all DC inverter air conditioner DC motor rotor through the permanent magnetic field to drive, to achieve air conditioning as low as 20 dB ultra-quiet operation;

4 air conditioning operation more reliable. DC inverter air conditioner AC motor speed is a relatively unstable process, the operation of the reliability, poor stability,DC Fan Control full DC inverter air conditioner DC motor with brushless operation technology, by changing the voltage or current to adjust the speed , Running more reliable.

5 operation adjustment more accurate. DC inverter air conditioner AC motor rapid start and the characteristics of a file speed control, air conditioning operation during the adjustment of poor precision, full DC inverter air conditioner DC motor with smooth and economical start and speed performance, can achieve more accurate air conditioning Running adjustment.