Universal Remote Control For Ceiling Fan And Light


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Influencing factors:

1. Transmitting power: If the transmitting power is large, the distance is far, but the power consumption is large, and interference is easily generated.

2. Receiving sensitivity: The receiving sensitivity of the receiver is increased, the remote control distance is increased, but it is susceptible to misoperation or loss of control due to interference;

3. Antennas: Adopt linear antennas, and parallel to each other, remote control distance, but occupy a large space, in the use of the antenna lengthened, straightened can increase the remote control distance;

4. Height: The higher the antenna, the farther the remote control distance, but subject to the objective conditions;

5. Blocking: The currently used wireless remote controller uses the UHF band specified by the state, its propagation characteristics and light approximation, straight line propagation, small diffraction, if the wall between the transmitter and receiver block will greatly discount the remote control distance, if it is Reinforced concrete walls have much more influence due to the absorption of electric waves by conductors.

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