Programmable Ceiling Fan Remote


Product Details

Setting code

Press and hold the touch button on the receiving side for 5 seconds, enter the learning state with a click and hold it for 15 seconds. Press the button on the transmitter side. The red indicator lights up for 1 second to transmit. The receiver hears a “click” sound, indicating learning code. success.

Detailed description of the function: The "pair code" is a process in which the receiver learns the address code and the control code of the transmitter. By "pairing code", the relationship between master control and control is established. Firstly, it is expected that the receiving end and the transmitting end will be selected. Press and hold the switch button on the receiving end for 5 seconds (the lamp has an on or off action when pressed, and the intensity should exceed 75 grams). When you hear a “click”, it indicates that you have entered the learning Status, and will remain in learning state within 15 seconds. Press the transmitter button, the red indicator light, then heard the receiver once again sounded a "click", it means that the study has been successful. Press the transmitter button again at this time and the receiver lamp will be remotely controlled.

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