IR Ceiling Fan Remote Control


Product Details

The remote controller consists of infrared receiving and transmitting circuit, signal conditioning circuit, central controller 8031, program and data memory, keyboard and status indication circuit.

The remote controller has two states: learning state and control state. When the remote controller is in the learning state, each time the user presses a control key, the infrared receiver circuit starts receiving the infrared signal from the outside, converts it into an electrical signal, and then detects, shapes, amplifies, and then samples the data by the CPU. The binary data of each sampling point is a unit of 8 bits, which are respectively stored in a specified storage unit for later control and use of the device. When the remote control is in the control state, the user reads a series of binary data from the specified storage unit every time the user presses a control key, and the serial output (the time interval between the bits and the bits is equal to the sampling time interval). ) The signal holding circuit is modulated by the modulation circuit at the same time. After the modulation signal is amplified, it is transmitted by an infrared emitting diode, thereby realizing the control of the function of the key corresponding device.

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