Fan Remote Control Replacement


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Infrared emission circuit

Press learning/control key to make CPU switch to control state, and control status indicator D6 lights up. Press a device selection key at this time, the system will be under the control state of a certain device, and then press a function to control When the key is pressed, the system addresses through the device number and function key number, finds the data storage area address of the corresponding function key of the corresponding device (the data is obtained by dividing the point when learning the key function), and reads these data in turn. It is controlled by the CPU through the P1.5 pin and sequentially output to the OUT pin of the modulation circuit U2B in bit units (time interval is the same as the sampling interval) and is modulated by a modulation circuit composed of U2B, U2C, and C5.R7.R8. (Modulation frequency is 38KHZ), then amplified by Q1, drive D4 to output infrared remote control signal to achieve control of a certain function of the selected device.

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