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The headset can also be used as a remote control

Mar 07, 2017

Ultra-simple transformation of the principle

Infrared remote control works is the use of infrared emission tube to launch 38KHz carrier signal, the signal content from 0,1 binary data modulation pulse signal. When the TV and air conditioning to receive this signal will be received after the "translation", and then achieve the channel or lift the temperature of the operation. Interestingly, the left and right channels of the headphone jack can be issued 0,1 audio coding, just by using the APP to define the code, and then through the infrared diode to launch it, the same can achieve similar professional infrared remote control effect.

At present, Taobao spot version of the headphone hole with infrared transmitter (mobile phone users to buy and insert the headphone hole, just by "remote control wizard" can control the electrical.Of course, if you feel expensive, and they have a certain ability, May wish to DIY a mobile phone with the infrared transmitter.

Material preparation: waste 3.5mm headphone plug, 2 infrared diodes (can be purchased or removed from the used remote control)

The diodes are connected to the positive and negative stages of the two diodes (the positive pole of the diode A is connected to the negative pole of the diode B and vice versa) and then welded to the left and right channels of the 3.5mm headphone plug Figure 4). Then you can use the "remote control wizard" on the electrical remote control.