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Teach you how to match the set-top box remote control

Mar 07, 2017

1: the set-top box remote control and the original TV remote control infrared tube in the same line, the distance of not more than 5 cm, not jitter;

2: press and hold the set-top box to learn the remote control "set" button for 3 seconds, see the remote control on the indicator light from the dark and bright, into the learning state (10 seconds failure);

3: Press the remote control button (such as the power button on the original TV remote control) for about 2 seconds to learn, set-top box remote control when the signal will flash quickly, after the success of the indicator light will slow down after 2 Long bright;

4: press the button you want to learn (such as set-top box remote control on the power button), press the button after the light will flash 3 after the long light, that has been successful, press the "Set" button to save the learning function, Complete the study;

5: according to the above method can be completed other key learning. (Learning remote control in general only learn the original TV remote control of the "TV power", "volume or channel", "TV / AV switch button")