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Power supply on the market of AC power supply can be divided into the following categories:

Mar 07, 2017

The first: switch-type AC power supply it is applied to high-frequency pulse width modulation technology, and the general difference between the switching power supply is the output must be the same as the input frequency, with the AC voltage. Its output voltage waveform is quasi-square wave, ladder wave, sine wave and so on. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on the market out of which the power supply and charger, is a switch-type AC power supply. Switching type AC power supply voltage regulator is good, control power, easy to achieve intelligent, is very promising AC power supply. But because of its complex circuit, the price is higher, so the promotion is slower. The second: parameter adjustment (resonance) type of such a regulated power supply, the basic principle of the regulator is LC series resonance, the early emergence of magnetic saturation voltage regulator with the power supply belongs to this category. Its advantages are simple structure, fewer components required, the voltage range is quite wide, high reliability, anti-interference and anti-overload ability. The disadvantage is the energy consumption, noise, bulky and high cost.

The third type: automatic (variable ratio) adjustment type