Wireless Remote Control For Light & Fan


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The Features of Wireless Remote Control For Light & Fan:

(1) RF type: Radio frequency transmission is the most widely used technology, this technology all Omni directional 360 degree receved signals.

(2) Wireless Remote Control For Light & Fan Using EV1527 protocol: which has millions of rolling code is able to ensure less interferes to each receiver.

(3) Design of Wireless Remote Control For Light & Fan: 4 keys( A, B, ON and OFF ), color Brown Painted, Black buttons and plated surrounding.  

(4) Plastic cover of receiver save cost and keep you safer.

(5) Wireless Remote Control For Light & Fan can link wall mounted switch to turn the lamps on, off and shifting lighting groups by power control.

(6) Remote control distance: About 30m in open area, and about 20m indoor.

(7) It’s suitable for lighting, tent, door or window remote control switching and widely used in hotel, home, office, factory, warehouse etc.



1. Scene style has 7 types as bellowing: A-B- AB.

There’re 3 types for remote control, while wall power switch is able to shift all. Setting of stock is shifting among channel A-B. Customized product’ remote controller can choose shifting group in one key.

2. The voltage in 220V is the default choice of the item. If you want a item in 110V, please advise the seller  when placing an order, otherwise we would ship the item in 220V.




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