Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit


Product Details

Powerful Features:


(1) Full-open all-off function. When resting, press a key to complete the light off. A key can also be fully open.


(2) Power protection function. In the event of a power failure, the Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit is fully closed. When a new call comes in, the Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit is turned off, it will not cause personal injury due to the unknown switch status, and it can also save power in unattended situations.


(3) Centralized control and multi-point control functions. Each key on the switch can learn multiple codes and be controlled by different remote controls. Each remote controller can also learn multiple keys and control multiple lighting. This flexible code capability enables users to have Can control the lamp in different places, or control the same lamp in different places.


(4) home appliance control integration function. At present, the average family is plagued by the remote control. Now only one remote controller is needed to realize the control and integration of indoor air conditioners, televisions, electric curtains, stereos, push buttons, etc., and to build a smart home system.


(5) Low power consumption and energy saving features. The energy saving of remote control switch includes two aspects. One is its own low-power characteristics: the power consumption of a single remote control switch is only 0.01 ~ 0.02W, and the power consumption is only 0.2 degrees throughout the year. The other is the indirect energy savings brought by the remote control switch. Often due to factors such as laziness, inconvenience, and distance, people will let some lamps continue to light up. After using the remote control switch, it is very convenient to turn off the lamps and electrical appliances. For example, the hotel's bathroom lighting is calculated according to 100W. There are 200 days a year to receive guests, then after using the remote control switch, it can save about 160 degrees per year.


(6) Overload protection function. There is an over-current protection device in the remote switch; when the current is too large, the fuse will be disconnected to protect the following circuit. In addition, the switch housing of the Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit is made of PC flame retardant material, so the safety is absolutely reliable. 


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