Remote Switch For Lights And Fans


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Wireless Intelligent Remote Switch Features

The intelligent remote control switch is an indoor lighting control system that can be flexibly configured. The ordinary users can complete the perfect lighting results only with economical investment. It has very powerful features:

(1) No direction long distance partition control function. Infrared remote control switch is generally limited by the distance and direction of the space, remote control distance is short, can not be separated by a partition wall door remote control, and the use of wireless radio frequency remote control switch, completely without these restrictions. Generally within the radius of 10 meters to 80 meters can achieve signal coverage, and can penetrate 2 to 3 walls.

(2) Millions of no-heavy-code identification technologies to ensure mutual interference. There is basically no yardage in the same city, and you don't have to worry about the neighbor's remote control controlling your own fixtures.

(3) intelligent learning code technology. People habitually believe that remote control and receiving switch are in one-to-one correspondence and cannot be changed. However, after adopting intelligent learning code identification technology, the remote control and switch can be configured separately, eliminating the interference that the remote control cannot be separated from the switch. Flexible lighting control.

(4) Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, fire prevention, anti-thunder protection.

(5) There are two modes of manual switch and remote switch, which not only enhance the convenience but also inherit the original habit.

(6) The single-wire connection method can not only replace the traditional switch, but also meet the electrician construction standards.

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