White Ceiling Fan Light

52-F3141 1.Blade Material: Eucalyptus Polywood + paster 2.Height of Fan (LED light cover to the ceiling): 12CM Boom: 44CM 25CM Boom: 57CM 3.LED light Cover:230 mm 4.LED light Power 24Wx2 3 light Color: White,yellow,Warm light - mix light color 5.Carton Size:55.5x37x32CM

Product Details

The difference of air quantity between the white ceiling fan light, table fan and floor fan.(In that other saying, Does the ceiling fan light provide as much air quantity as table fan?)

We still the same reply that different things can not be compared.

We would like to describe them simply. The table fan has small size and this leads to concentrated and strong wind. Can you image that the table fan only blow one part of your body, while the white ceiling fan light makes the whole air running in a space around your body? In other words, the amount of air flow is in the entire room. White ceiling fan light is easy to decorative the room with different style.

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