Indoor Fans With Lights


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Jlaihome tell you the way to assembly the indoor fans with lights.

For Step 1-4,please refer to 52-F3201-WW.

Step 5: Check the wiring, consult the manufacturer's instructions, and carefully push all the wires into the junction box (metal box or plastic box for electrical connection).

Step 6: Connect the indoor fans with lights to the junction box or hook according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 7: If you install a light below the fan, make sure the two components are of the same brand and are designed to work together (this will make the installation process much easier). Remove the bottom cover from the indoor fans with lights unit, then pull out the ends of all loose wires, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, the black line is connected with the black line, the white line is connected with the white line, and the ground line is connected with the ground line.

Step 8: Power cycle the circuit and test the system.

In fact, many home appliance repair jobs can be done by youself. However, please be sure to take appropriate safety precautions and contact professional personnel as necessary. 

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