Fancy Ceiling Fans With Lights

F5121-LW is decorative ceiling fan. Fancy ceiling fans with lights is also call invisible fan for rectable blades.

Product Details

Balance adjustment for this ''invisible'' fancy ceiling fans with lights

Statement: The ''invisible''  fancy ceiling fans with lights was balanced before shipping, but the balance might be affected during the long distance transportation. So please re-balance the fancy ceiling fans with lights according the following steps if you found the fancy ceiling fans with lights had gotten the noticeable wobble problem after your final assembly:

(1)Take out the balance kit pack from the package, and stick two balance magnet pieces on any one place marked digit, and turn on the fancy ceiling fans with lights to check if the wobble problem is still existing. Repeat the process until the wobble problem disappear.

(2)Take off the balance magnet pieces and replace it by pealing a balance kit to stick on the edge of fancy ceiling fans with lights' house.

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