Ceiling Fan Light With Remote


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Jlaihome tell you how to install the ceiling fan light with remote.

Step 1: To power off the circuit, remove the appropriate fuse or trip the appropriate circuit breaker. In addition, you can also operate the master switch to cut off the main power supply at home.

Step 2: Remove the original light fixture from the ceiling. Most fixtures are bolted or screwed to the ceiling and can be disconnected after the cover is removed.

Step 3: Lower the fixture and disconnect the wires. Mark each wire with masking tape for later identification.

Step 4: Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for color coding of the wiring and recommended ceiling fan installation procedures. In most homes, there are two wires in the circuit and three wires in the light fixture. Connect the black and black wires, the white and white wires, and then connect the remaining ground wire (bare or green wire) to a metal junction box or other location as recommended by the manufacturer. Use a wire nut to connect and check for firmness after connecting.

For the rest step, please refer to 52-F3201-NW

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