Blue Ceiling Fan


Product Details

What’s the different between ceiling fan with light and ordinary ceiling fan? 

First of all, the appearance of them are different, as you seen, including the ceiling fan lamp production technology, materials application and so on.

blue ceiling fan is very normal is ceiling fan with light, while you cannot find blue ceiling fan in ordinary ceiling fan's range. Blue ceiling fan is very suitable to match the home decor of Mediterranean style.

The relationship between the speed and air quantity. 

Someone will ask why the 42 inch fan with size 153 motor can reach 230 rpm while some 52 inch fan with same motor only about 200 rpm. Is that the air quantity of the 42 inch fan is more than the 52 inch fan? The explain is that the speed can show the air quantity intuitively. However, the ceiling fans of different sizes can’t be compared together. The same motor with heavier loads will in a lower speed(52 inch’s fan has longer blades than the 42 inch’s, the loading will heavier accordingly). So, choosing different size of fan for different room should be stressed and this will help to get the maximum air quantity to achieve the best performance.