54 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light

54 inch ceiling fan with light F5351 has 2 color, which is Red Brown grainny and Dark brown.

Product Details



Someone sometimes will see the words as “153 high speed motor with 280 RPM”,but what is it? With such high speed, shall the air quantity be very large? Actually, it depends on the size of the ceiling fan light and the angle of the blades. In general, when used a 54 inch ceiling fan with light, the driver for size 153 or 160 motor will not be set to such a high speed. If it can achieve such speed, this will prove the angle of the blade bracket is very small and only high speed rotating with limit air quantity blowing down. Therefore, the speed is not entirely determined by rotating speed.The 30 inch ceiling fan light can reach 300 RPM. But you don’t think the air quantity is more than the 54 inch ceiling fan with light with 230 RPM. This is the reason for 54 inch ceiling fan with light has more air quantiy. (By the way, usually the iron table fan’s motor can reach 1000PRM)

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